The mission of SeedsKids is to change people’s attitude to the environment and prevent an ecological catastrophe.


In addition to making content for kids, the SeedsKids brand is going to become a global symbol of environment protection!


How the SeedsKids project addresses these issues:

1. Create educational content for kids to instill respect for the world and nature. Create content that develops mental outlook and emotional intelligence.

2. Create a metaverse with environmental content for kids.

3. Establish a fund for the restoration of global forests and reduction of carbon footprint. 


The target audience of the series includes families with 6 to 9 years old kids.


The Familities (SeedsKids) brand focuses on today’s socially active families, in which young and well-educated parents aged 23–40 take care of the educational leisure for their kids and want to spend free time with their families.


The protagonists of the series are the seeds of plants that created their own world of seeds in a sealed jar in the farmer’s house attic. These series will help viewers learn how the world, nature and ecology work, how to understand their own and other people’s feelings, and how to cope with emotions and put them to good use.